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Geleceğin teamspeaki. Çok başarılı bence.


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Hoparlör sesi dışa verirken düşük seviyede veriyor. Sanki biri sesi kısmış gibi alıyorum. Bunu düzeltir misiniz?

Kendi kendine kapanmaya başladı ???

En başarılı programlardan biri ama kendi kendine kapanmaya başladı


Oyladığım sayılı uygulamalardan, gerçekten muhteşem

Güzel uygulama

Oyuncular için çok iyi bir uygulama ama tek bir eksiği var oda müzik paylaşımı umarım yakında eklerler onun dışında herşey muhteşem skype a tek atar . 5 Yıldız

Çok başarılı

Çok beğendim. Size tavsiye ederim. En derin saygılarımla. -Ateş GÖÇMEN



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Twitch hesabı

Twitch hesabını bağlayabilmemiz de gerekiyor

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Voice chatlere girince arada sıkıntı çıkarabiliyo ama yine de gamer chat i güzel olmuş nice hocam


Gamerlar için gayet hoş bir uygulama. Oldukça da underrated

Hata veriyo

Uygulama çok iyi düşünülmüş ama çok hatalar var sürekli atıyo filan düzelirse 5 yıldız


Hata alan kekoya aldırmayın, misler gibi çalışıyor. 10 numara, 5 yıldız.


Uygulama çok kullanışlı fakat telefonumun ilk defa kastığına bu uygulamada tanık oldum .

Gayet güzel

Ama bazen kesinti yaşıyoruz önemli bi anda sıkıntı çıkarabilir, onun dışında küçük bi sosyal medya ortamı yaratmak ve sesli konuşmak gayet güzel

Yha its as good as it looks

Me and my friend used Skype before we used discord and all of us agree that discord is better. Before Skype my friends talked over the phone while gaming.never used teamspeack but I do know that you have to pay for a sever and it’s free on discord,


Great app but would appreciate if you could add an option to post gifs in chat.! Would make it a 5-star app

Private messages

Why can’t you delete private message chats, dm chats. The only thing you can delete is your messages. Why can’t you delete it from your device?

Add the ability to see the audit logs.

Discord is really good! But it’s just that I need to see the audit logs. I don’t want to take 1 hour to get on my pc then check an audit log then go back. I need audit logs on mobile. PLEASE ADD IT!

Adding more features

Ive noticed that you cant check what others are listening on spotify or currently playing to if their using mobile, I recommend adding it since I do like having other people see what i’m listening to.


Great way to chat with little to no bugs.Great for chatting during games and spamming memes!I would highly recommend getting this!

It’s scary

I don’t like it.

Pretty good

Extremely good if you have a large gaming clan

Discord needs this feature

Although discord is very good for talking with other people and is overall a great way to socialize with others I recommended downloading it. When I voice call one of my friends they join it makes a sound but when they leave it doesn’t. I can’t tell if they disconnected and I’m just stuck here not able to tell whether I’m in the call or not. If this feature is in discord and I didn’t know about then cool. About if it actually isn’t then discord programmer team please add.



It’s nice

It’s nice

Crashes my phone

It's a great app for talking to people and working with others, but for some reason sometimes when I open it it causes my phone to crash. Causing me to have to plug in my phone to make it turn back on, so when I use it on the road or in school and I don't have a charger it makes me unable to use my phone until I arrive home. I don't know why this happens but could the discord people try to fix this?

good app

Y e e t

Horrible Calling

Dis is so stupit whenever I play a game I can’t here my friends all I hear is crashing it’s been happening since a week so annoying

Eats up my battery

Uses wayyyy too much battery!!

Can’t even use the app

Keeps asking me to verify that I’m not a robot.

thank you

thanks guys for making this amazing app i wanted to know if u could do somthing better than just a messeging app make this app different to others add things to it games , a launcher for games , so that the othere people can join u for free in an app u have to pay for thx!!


This is so epic gamers rise up

Where have you been all my gaming life!

Great! very high demand concept of app. The only thing I would even consider changing is organizing layout design to be more user friendly for nubes ability to understand to achieve optimum success.




This lets you talk to people

Bug That I’m Suffering With

Discord is amazing I can’t lie but a random bug appeared after the update. I try to invite my friends but the invites are always invalid. Our server is set to never expire so I dunno what’s up. If this could be fixed I would really love that. Thanks!

Takes too much time to log in

The verify you are a robot thing takes too much time!!

Great app just need to fix a link bug

Won’t let me send links in one of my friends servers can you fix that plz


Discord is really good. It’s like Skype, but for gamers. I can interact with my friends, join people’s discord server, and do many things. Very easy to do calls and text. Discord is amazing, you should try it too. :)

No sound

Please discord, we need the beeping sound when people leave and join. Thanks

Very good

This app is very good for connection and I recommend you should get this app

Faulty Sign Up Debacle

I have been trying to sigh up for an account through the discord app for the last 30 minutes which has not been working. The issue is due to the “Im not a robot” button which sent me on a 30 minute adventure to not only be told to try again multiple times, but also when I rebooted the app it would not allow me to attempt to sign up again. I will not be attempting to sign up through discord again because I would rather maintain a lower blood pressure.


It good because it good

I Will Give You 5 Stars When

You let me look at the audit log on mobile. You fix the “Jump to” in the search bar so that I can actually jump to that spot in the chat or even just click on a user’s photo from the search.

Awesome app but one tiny detail needs to be fixed

Discord is an amazing up for keeping up with your friends and hands down one of the funniest form of media out there but the only reason I gave it 4*s....really really REALLY small video file limit...when you sometimes have a really epic in game moment or irl moment etc and want to share it with your friends there’s this really annoying small video file limit standing at a measly 8MB that prevents you from sharing these moments!If it’s possible the file limit should get increased dramatically cause in its current state the app can’t even hold a small 1min video...

Important feature to add!! developers read

All server owners should have an option to control if members can even Dm mutual members while within your server. Basically before a member joins, to prevent Pm Advertising, unsolicited comments or ect just how a server owner would like to have a piece of mind to fully control their server they should be able to have that option where people can just enjoy their sever and members and prevent the Use of Pms to the servers members while in the server

You need to be able to have the option to record the conversation

You need to have a record button

Add Last.fm & Websites to 'connections'

Having fun using discord over a year, but i want the ability to add last.fm and personal websites to 'connection'. It would be amazing.


Best way to talk to fellow streamers

Just what I need

This is the best app of communication or getting to know someone. It comes in many ways of communication like for games or for talking about anything. I’d say download it!




You are the BEST!!!!!!!

Great but....

Can we get landscape on phone

Doesn’t work

I can’t even login it says that I’m a robot and when I complete it, it still says I’m a robot and it won’t let me login.

Good app

Nice and convenient




it’s literally too small to load my screenshots from my iPhone 8s+, fix this now!

Discord is amazing

Why you should discord well I got it because a YouTuber told me to join and I couldn't be happier looking back Discord had given me lots of friends that I'm still talking to today. Discord can help people socialize more and build strong bonds, it helped me during dark times because my friends were there on Discord and if it wasn't for Discord I don't think I would be the person I am today. I'm not forcing this decision but you might be making a bad mistake not giving it a try. What to you say? Welcome to the server

Great app but...

Discord is a great app but I want to put in a profile gif picture but it doesn’t move I want it to move.Can you please add in gif profile pictures to the app please.

Great communication app

Great communication app


Real Good.

Fix it please..

Recently,I got a iPad mini and discord was working perfectly till one day discord made a black screen repeatedly and I reinstalled it and then my whole left side didn’t work,usually the news notice doesn’t pop up EVERYTIME you’re going to discord right?Please fix this,I can’t press the close button at all because of this nor text my PlayStation friends because discord is what we use to communicate and without discord I won’t be able to talk to my work companies.

Account deleted?!

So I’ve been hacked and my account has been “deleted” help me please

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