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Hoparlör sesi dışa verirken düşük seviyede veriyor. Sanki biri sesi kısmış gibi alıyorum. Bunu düzeltir misiniz?

Kendi kendine kapanmaya başladı ???

En başarılı programlardan biri ama kendi kendine kapanmaya başladı


Oyladığım sayılı uygulamalardan, gerçekten muhteşem

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Oyuncular için çok iyi bir uygulama ama tek bir eksiği var oda müzik paylaşımı umarım yakında eklerler onun dışında herşey muhteşem skype a tek atar . 5 Yıldız

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Çok beğendim. Size tavsiye ederim. En derin saygılarımla. -Ateş GÖÇMEN



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Voice chatlere girince arada sıkıntı çıkarabiliyo ama yine de gamer chat i güzel olmuş nice hocam


Gamerlar için gayet hoş bir uygulama. Oldukça da underrated

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Uygulama çok iyi düşünülmüş ama çok hatalar var sürekli atıyo filan düzelirse 5 yıldız


Hata alan kekoya aldırmayın, misler gibi çalışıyor. 10 numara, 5 yıldız.


Uygulama çok kullanışlı fakat telefonumun ilk defa kastığına bu uygulamada tanık oldum .

Gayet güzel

Ama bazen kesinti yaşıyoruz önemli bi anda sıkıntı çıkarabilir, onun dışında küçük bi sosyal medya ortamı yaratmak ve sesli konuşmak gayet güzel


This game lets me play sso star stable and is awesome I give it a 👍🏻👍🏻

best voice msg video platform 2018

only downside is the limited file-size for pictures is smaller than my phones screen size which takes pictures which can be great than 8 making me have to resize screenshots on occasion otherwise would have been 5 star

Love the App, but needs Quite a Bit of Improvement

I love this app. I really do, but I don't know if I'm the only person having this issue or my wifi's trash? I don't know. So basically, whenever I tap on a large server to see the @everyones and it makes discord so slow to where nothing works. I try to tap on other things but it doesn't load. It's just kind of there. Maybe it's to overwhelming for the app? Beats me. Otherwise that issue the app works really well. Thanks in advance

I luv discord

Discord is so fun and u can do so much stuff plz add more stuffs plz I live discord

Add emote button.

On other devices except for mobile there is an emote bar add this please.

Not as user friendly

Please give us emote keyboard. Us nitro bois are struggling to give the good memes without having an emote keyboard to use them sweet sweet emotes, and we have to memorize the names of them so we can type out the command. Pls fix, i will give chicken nuggets in return.

Can you rate something below one star

I got discord because my friends got it but when I started joining servers problems occurred I complained and they were fixed but one thing: every time I try to resend my verification email it just doesn’t send it to me if you read this ( which you won’t )please fix this

Pls fix the email thing

I. Tryin got put a new emil but it’s not working I’m trying to put all my emails but nothing I’m doing everything and nothing so play fix it

Dis Curd

Love this app

Voice Chat

Every time I get into voice chat it kicks me out of Discord that’s all I got to complain about ~Wolfie

Great features, but...

Discord has great features for functional game chat venue. Problem is, the shortcomings shadow all the features on a level of it becoming unusable. Simple fix really: let users change font size and color. As it is, font is so small, it cannot be seen without magnifying class. Light grey color is not visible from white background on top of the size issue. If I have to guess, font size and color were picked by a 2-year old, no one else can see this stuff. Upgrade Discord, make it actually usable.

Great for gamers!

Love this app so helpful in so many way!! SWGOH!!!Squll41269

Amazing App ❤️

I really like Discord. It’s a great way to communicate with other people who has the same interests as you. I had originally heard about Discord through one of my friends. I was new to it at first, but then I started to see how some Youtubers and comics have a server in Discord. I joined a lot of servers and met a lot of different, unique people all around the world. Discord changed my view on some things. Like for starters, all strangers are bad. That is not true, at the very least for me. I’ve met so many honest and loyal friends online then I have ever met outside of the online world. Discord had helped me because this year, I had reach one of my very lowest point and I got through it because of everyone in Discord. There are many different varieties of servers from gamers to anime to writers. I ,like many others, use Discord as a way to escape reality. I am not really good at placing my trust in others because of my trust thats been broken in the past, but i felt safe with most of my friends now. On most days, I would go home and literally talk about the most random things and I never get bored. If I ever needed help in lets say homework, I would message someone and they would help me. One of my favorite things on Discord is VC also known as voice chat. Its where you basically talk through your device. One small thing that bugs me is whenever I join VC it sometimes crashes, but otherwise I don't really have a problem. All of my servers are friendly. There was rarely a time where I had to leave a server because of drama. Most if not all my servers have set rules and moderators to keep things in tact and not let anything get out of hand. Honestly this is such an amazing app to be yourself and make many many friends. You just have to be careful because this is after all the internet. :)


It’s a perfect app.

Bugging Me

EDIT: Why does ios not have an emote button yet? As someone with nitro for over a year now and a TON of custom emotes I would like not having to memorize all their names just to use them. Android has it so why don't we? We get a list when we try to do reactions so why not just have a button for it already?

Doesn’t work

It won’t even let me long in on the app but I can in safari so this need to get fixed and I’ll change the rating


This app is the best thing ever!!! It helps me keep with my old friends in another state


Best app for talking with friends

What an amazing app!

Discord has always been amazing. I use it all the time, in the car, at home, and outside. It has an amazing interface and is extremely easy to use. As a discord moderator in a server, it is easy to get to things. As an owner of a discord server, it is easy to find all of the information I need. When I am on my computer, it is easy just to put my phone down, and pick up from where I left off. I truly love discord, so amazing. The updates and video are funny and helpful, and it’s just amazing.

Decent App

The phone App is decent, but extremely lacking next to PC. Why do I pay $5 a month for Nitro, but can’t use it on the go? That’s a big issue that needs to be fixed. You have to remember server emote names and type them out since they don’t show the emotes. Personal emotes created on PC won’t work on mobile. Can’t add new emotes on mobile. Just frustrating when you use the mobile app 80% of the time. Hopefully these get fixed and I can change my rating.


I like discord so much but I’ve been having issues with the invites. Whenever somebody sends me an invite to a server the moment they send it and the moment I press it, it says invite expired.

Great but not

I love it but please fix the crashes I can’t get in the app anymore :(

Functional but faulty

The app works and is visually pleasing. However, a one persistent issue is quite irksome: a lingering notification badge on iOS when all messages have been read. I have to quit then reopen the app to get rid of it. I keep my phone and app updated so this is not an issue on my end. Hope it’s fixed soon.

Voice chat shoddy

The voice chat works one day then doesn’t the next. No settings get changed it doesn’t work 98% of the time. I have tried redownloading it countless times changing settings etc. Yes my mic is enabled. Yes I have tried using push to talk; you name it I’ve tried it. And no my phone isn’t an old brick.

Great app but

Can there PLEASE be an emote tab like on the PC version I don’t remember the names of most of my custom emotes and I’m tired of trying to guess them if I’m on mobile.


Is it perfect? No, sometimes it goes down. Every few months. Is it better than AIM, Skype, Line, etc? Unquestionably and resoundingly yes.


It’s gud

Can’t post screenshots

I can’t post screenshots to my guild chat after applying the last update. There is at least one other in our guild that’s affected. Please fix this!

Love it

Best voice app ever make a server add friends make memories

Great but high bandwidth usage

Great I use on PC for raids for Destiny 2 but my only complaint is that it seems to take a lot of bandwidth so it can get tough sometimes to play the game or hear someone.

Friend good pepple evils

I get this app is supost to be friends it's a lie I hate this app and never going back becose how they treat you on here you get yelled at for no reason and all given this up zero likes

Very good app with one big bug

Talk about a nice mobile port! I use discord mobile a ton, but there is one bug where messages start to overlay each other and glitch out. Messages from one channel or server start covering up messages from another change or server. If this is fixed a 5 for sure!

Its Perfect

So discord is just 👌


I personally love discord, but lately notifications have not been working whatsoever.

Why can’t you use reactions?

Please don’t download

Best app ever

I use this and I have a Xbox to talk to pc

Issue of loading .gif files on Apple IPhone

So I opens up a gif file on IPhone 8, it crashed Discord. I tried to open it again, it crashed. And again again again... crash crash crash. What is happening?

Came Here Depressed, Left With an Orgasm

Discord is my salvation, God bless you.


Could you make it so discord doesn’t make my game lag as much when I’m in vc while in a game?

Having issues please read

I’m not sure what’s happening but I have issues staying connected on servers Im an admin on. Sometimes the icons for people in those servers just don’t pop us and they run extremely slow ONLY in those servers, I’m just not sure if if it’s just me just thought I’d say something Incase it’s happening to others too. Otherwise the app is perfect

Love it but...

I love discord but I want the limit on the private chats to change to more then 10 please

hey uhhhhhh

😤😤😤😤 👏 where 👏 are 👏 emotes 👏 for 👏 ios 👏 please 👏 send 👏 help 👏 😤😤😤😤

IOS Emoji Button

A ton of us have been waiting for this and been requesting/complaining about this feature. It's ridiculous how you can't just add this feature so your IOS users won't have to remember the names of emojis or use the default ones. Other than this, the app is great.


I don’t have any crashes or technical ever I don’t know what everyone else is talking about. All I hope for is that the some of the features on pc like playing status for example should be transferred to mobile. Otherwise no complaints!

Upset and annoyed

I love the app, I do, it’s so convenient and easy to use, but recently, it’s been taking 10-20 minuets to load anything, I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, which soon became frustrating because it wouldn’t allow me to log into my main account, but I had no trouble trying to log into my secondary account. But as soon as you exit the app and attempt to log in again, it takes 10+ minuets to load anything.. It’s getting more and more frustrating and I’m not sure what to do. I wish I could give the app a higher rating, but at this point it doesn’t deserve it.

Great way to keep in touch!

My friends and I started playing Xbox with each other when we were younger but as we grew older we separated to different consoles and PC. So when I found discord we were all able to talk and do stuff together again RELIABLY.

Game probs

U guys need to add PlayStation PLEASE cuz then I have to wait for a YouTube account

Me gusta

Muy buena app

Great, but a issue.

Amazing app, but there is a problem. When I try to join a server, it always says invalid when it isn’t. Also, it won’t load on my computer, only my phone.

The IOS Problem

Hello lovely people of the discord team.I hope you know you’ve made an amazing app,however there is a problem with the iOS version.The iOS version lacks many things that o5her platforms have.For example Text to Speech. Please add the features and make discord even better than it already is. Thank you and have a nice day!

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