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Kendi kendine kapanmaya başladı ???

En başarılı programlardan biri ama kendi kendine kapanmaya başladı


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Oyuncular için çok iyi bir uygulama ama tek bir eksiği var oda müzik paylaşımı umarım yakında eklerler onun dışında herşey muhteşem skype a tek atar . 5 Yıldız

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Çok beğendim. Size tavsiye ederim. En derin saygılarımla. -Ateş GÖÇMEN



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Voice chatlere girince arada sıkıntı çıkarabiliyo ama yine de gamer chat i güzel olmuş nice hocam


Gamerlar için gayet hoş bir uygulama. Oldukça da underrated

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Hata alan kekoya aldırmayın, misler gibi çalışıyor. 10 numara, 5 yıldız.


Uygulama çok kullanışlı fakat telefonumun ilk defa kastığına bu uygulamada tanık oldum .

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Ama bazen kesinti yaşıyoruz önemli bi anda sıkıntı çıkarabilir, onun dışında küçük bi sosyal medya ortamı yaratmak ve sesli konuşmak gayet güzel

Good social app

This is Good social app I totally recommend it you can make groups and chat in those groups you can even see what game they are playing like Fortnite or Roblox

More work needs to be done

I love using discord I use it on a daily basis and the computer version runs great, but lack luster on my phone. My main issue is the emojis. For iPhones there is no emoji option I have to physically type out the name of the emoji to have discord suggest if for me and it gets quite bothersome when I don’t know the name of every emoji. I noticed only IPhone users have this problem, my friend with a Samsung phone has the option to pull up the emoji menu to pick one and he doesn’t need to type it out because of it. Maybe move that feature to iPhones, unless it is an Apple problem who knows ?


The chat is great!It allows you to chat with anyone.You can get in touch with the people that have the same interests as you.Its a great place to make friends.

LegoProdigy’s discord review

So I’ve been using discord for a good while now, and I gotta say, I’m very impressed. It has it all: quality text chats, great voice chats with multiple options, and even very colorful (literally) roles. Even better, it’s all for free and is supportive of my “ancient” model late 2009 iMac desktop. I really enjoy this software for all these qualities and more! Keep it going! -LegoProdigy: 6 year Minecrafter and 1 year KSPer, plus a unique kind of gamer. (PS: I use the dark discord theme to keep it easy on the eyes)

also recent bugs

channels keep disappearing, and i have to check my mentions to be able to see the channel i was last tagged in again. really sad cause android has no issues like this at all.


Best communicating app I’ve seen




I’m not much for this app. Only have it for my friends. I’m not really happy with the way it works and how you add friends. I’m sticking to some other social platforms.

Very helpful!

Great App! Thank you!

Noise only

Just bla bla bla. Unverified info, late ‘signals’ and manipulations. If you play for fun ($20) or looking 4 ‘friends’ is OK kids. If you are a trader don’t think about it.

Love discord but...

I love discord and use it all the time but the thing about the MOBLE APP Is that it is kind of clunky sometimes and certain actions are not very easy to do, like if you wanted to friend someone in a server you have to press and hold on their message hit user setting and for to their profile and then hit the three dots and add friend. might not seem like a lot but if you meet a bunch of people in voice chat and want to friend them all, it becomes a hassle. Also I have not found a way to mark servers or channels as read, kinda frustrating when there are multiple pings from different channels. Though the app is a little slow and confusing sometimes I highly recommend using it if you want to keep in touch with your discord friends or community’s. As I’ve said before I use discord all the time and recommend it to anyone who does the same. Good service not a good app, if you can just use the desktop version.

Fix please

Hi I would like you to fix the verification thing I once I verified it still says verify so please fix


Better than google+

Brilliant with schools

You need this in your classroom! Every student is engaged and always available to connect with their teams!

It’s good but could use some improvement

It’s a very good app, but some of the mechanics and UI could be a bit better and easier to navigate.

Rate limited

I haven’t gotten a chance to try it it says I’m rate limited

Keeps getting better

When I first downloaded discord, I never expected anything fantastic. I anticipated all my friends moving back to TeamSpeak or Skype in a week or two, but I now doubt we’re ever going back. While the mobile app may be glitchy on occasion, it does what many of us need it to do without too many issues. Sometimes I’ll send duplicate messages, but my internet is also partly to blame for that. The important thing is we get detailed updates and we have devs that care! Thank you guys for your hard, fantastic work and I look forward to using the app, mobile and PC, for years to come.

Works decent

Wish I could take the list of discord rooms im in and organize them into subgroups. Like I’m in a couple rooms for sports, a couple rooms for memes and super general/vague discussion topic. Wish I could organize those discord’s into “sports” and “general” subgroups. Besides that though, off the top of my head, can’t complain.

Best app ever

Has all the tools

Login and create button doesn’t work.

Login page doesn’t function properly

Nice but

Discord is really great to talk to your friends and chat with them! But on discord mobile you can’t really do as many things as discord on your computer, can you guys add a way to change your game status on mobile? Thank you very much ❤️

Beautiful app

Great for gaming and Pokémon go raid meet ups👍👍👍


Well i have something to say its GOOOOOÖD


Obvio uvujnjbj uugj f boca bbyvyy

Some things...

So, I love discord and I use it a lot, but what’d I love, is the custom colors wheel for roles and such, because I don’t usually have time to use it on my CPU to edit my servers. That, would make my day. •BUG ALERT BUG ALERT BUG ALERT Sometimes in some servers that are really active, it freezes sometimes. Then you have to exit out of the app, take it out of multitasking, and then go back, then it will be very hyper. Please fix this. Sincerely, JtheawesomemanYT#2748 hypesquad :)


When I use the app, I will hear my friends for like a min or 2 and it will go silent. I’ve used new head phones and I just can’t hear them unless I quit he app and restart it. Then the process starts over again.

It’s the best

My company loves it.

Too much of a joke - literally.

So, on my Mac there is no way at all to make it not open when I boot my Mac up. The loading screens always include jokes that are annoying “I’m using tilt controls” I never use tilt controls! And the servers. God the servers. All they are is stupid teens fighting with 10 year olds about how their voice sounds!


Well I’m new on this app and I had question about it. The app is good in my opinion. 1) If I voice chat with or without WiFi would I be charged by (t~Mobil, Sprint, etc. I want to talk to some people through this app so if you can please respond I would greatly appreciate it


Best site for calls and gaming

Emote button?

This app is fantastic and I rarely experience bugs or crashes. I'm just wondering if a dedicated emote button will be implemented in the future? I recently switched from Android to ios and that's one thing that I've been missing.

I loved it until this...

I loved to use discord, it was really fun, exciting, but the next thing I know, it doesn’t let me in the app. Because of Apple ID, and I don’t know my password. So can you please like fix that if you can? If not then my dreams are crushed :(


I’m not a hardcore gamer, and this app markets heavily towards gamers usually 10-17. There are many creeps online who prey on kids using this app, plus there’s NO privacy when messaging in convos. As someone who changes my profile picture and name a lot, I hate the #tag number and would prefer if I could pick my own username to go with. File size sending is a problem because I like to send videos over and I can’t because of the limit. Other apps offer a WAY bigger file size limit without a charge. The only perk I see from this is he brand new “voice quality”. Other than that, Discord is so unprofessional and only lures in ignorant teens.

Great experience just make less specifics

I love discord it is great ,but I got locked out of my account recently so I made a new one and I forgot everyone’s tag. So I have no friends at all. I’m trying to get back in my account and it my fault I got locked out so I’m giving five stars I haven’t been on in awhile so if you haven’t already add a forgot email thing and make a general user search.I am adding on to my response. Ok I forgot the tag and I have been punching in numbers and random nicknames for awhile and no one is being helpful at all, and if get locked out of an account or something and your friend changes nicknames you are in for a rude awakening. Ok I know it was my fault for getting locked out of my account but I can’t do anything at all. I’m giving 3 stars because if you don’t have anyone to help you you can’t do anything

Can talk

I can talk to my friends cause I don’t have a microphone

Stupid stupid dummy dumb dumb LIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥

A man you already know who it is it’s ya boi lil t aka amxused and you already know what the f*ck goin on. Man dis app stupid stupid dummy dumb dumb lit. Me and boys be playin fortnut I mean fortnite and it be stupid lit boi. So yeah download the app it’s lit af. Btw there’s a party at my house tonight at 5pm pull up

I need an answer

When I download discord and I attempt to login nothing happens it doesn’t say if my password or email is incorrect and when I attempt to make a new account it doesn’t work either 😩😐 plz someone help with this thanks

Can’t access

Hey this was a great app but I got a new phone and when I open discord the phone says that’s it not available on the App Store pls fix this problem thx

5 Stars bcoz this app is AMAZING!

I love Discord and been using it since three years ago. I have it on my desktop, my iphone, and now here on my ipad. It’s the only chatting app I’ve been using and invites others to use. Discord is really convenient especially for gaming but I honestly enjoy the server features of it. I’ve never encountered any bugs on my apps so imma give 5 stars!! Thank you so much for the devs for developing Discord. Keep up the good work guys!!

Amazing but...

This app is great don’t get me wrong. As an artist it is nice to show my art and creations to friends without having to post to a different cite. The only problem is that sometimes the file size is to big and it won’t send. This can be very annoying in multiple ways because my friend will already be waiting to receive the artwork. If it would be possible to send things bigger than 8.00 MB that would be great. Otherwise I really love this app and I think it is wonderful.

I love discord!

Discord is a great app for talking friends across the country. The only thing i see is a little silly is that you have to wait a bit after changing your avatar “too fast”. I dont quite understand the use of that cooldown. But other than that its a great app!

Great promise

The app is great when it’s connected to WiFi. It used to be able to run on cell phone networks but now it is constantly “connecting”. I have yet to find fixes online. I would rate it higher, but I feel that this issue should have been fixed already. Update to developer response: I’m unable to switch cell networks and have tried different WiFi connections and they were successful. Update 2: I still receive updates and messages while in cell networks, but the loading screen prohibits me from actually accessing anything. Update 3: I’m raising my review because he customer support actually cares about the product. I will update the review further once my problem is fixed :)

discord is gay


Dícord is the best calling app

Thanks soo much for makeing discord a thing so we have to do phone number an all the persinal stuff thanks so much (:

I can’t change my profile picture

I think I am the only one with this problem but when I try to change my profile picture it won’t change .

Five stars, four spoons, and a regular tomatoe

Discord is great for chatting with friends, joining groups, and also playing other games with friends while voice chatting. I have met tons of friends during my time in discord. This is a great app for communicating with others and I would highly recommend it!


I have to use this for my work and the font is way to small. We were using GroupMe before this and I was able to read the print without glasses. However, for Discord, I had to go purchase a stronger pair of readers Is there anything that you can do about this?

100% Crashing

Does not work. At all. Crashes as soon as the app opens. Avoid at all costs.

Its good

When you talk

It’s okay

It’s fine, I guess...

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