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Good appli

Good vocal, good Chat, just need a confirmation when we send a message, because when we Lost the connexion, we dont Know if it actually works or not !


Everything you could ever need in one app.


A ts, free, with easier customisations, and more enjoyable ! I r8 8/8 m8 m8 Epic originality


Finally Discord for iPhone. Works perfectly and the UI is amazing. One thing to notice is that notifications are not working at all, and no options to enable that in iOS notification settings. If anyone manages to do that, please let me know.

Good but unstable

The reason i gave it just 2 stars is that is an amazing tool, but is annoying at same time, you are in the middle of the game, and it stops recognize your headset, and you just cant hear or speak with anyone anymore. You have to reconnect your headset and w8 a little to reconnect. It happened to me and with my friends. You just cant trust on it to play games like league of legends when you cant stop some moments, because you never know when it will stop to work. I hope they fix it.

Gr8 for clans!

If you have a clan or raiding party, its a great tool to engage and organize!

great app

need adjustments and more server for Latin American countries, for example, but its great, Ive been using for a week and nothing to complain, great to interact with twitch

A nice alternative to TS

Discord is like TS but the mobile version is also free. And it works really well with a very nice Design.

Very good

Very good for online competitive games, such as World of Tanks.

Version 7.1.2 iphone app does not open

Its not even working :(

Doesnt work

The only iOS app that doesnt work / crashes/ keeps frozen

Simple and Clean

Levinho e funciona direitinho

Greate voice chat!

I already tried various game chats. Discord has a very good group of features and it works very well.


Everything a online chat app must have and its all for free

Best voip ever

Free = Discord > Teamspeak Organization = Discord > Skype



Do not use this app if...

you care for a good quality of sound and usability. In a group of four people, we all had immense technical issues, we immediately switched back to our standard program. And by the way: its really hard to permanently delete the account once you registered. You have to write the customer support, because there is no option in the settings at all. Everything they offer is an inactivity of your account if you dont use it anymore. Weak policy in my opinion.

Great app, one small flaw

Everything works smoothly and the functionality is great, however with a mobile connection the app takes forever to open compared to other messengers. (The longest it took so far was 15 minutes. It feels like something is not properly optimized) Otherwise I like it better than anything else out there, and since Discord keeps getting patched I am sure it is only a matter of time until that issue is fixed as well.


Really good

Echt toll!

Besser als so manches Konkurrenzprogramm

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